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I may be joining this very soon.

Ben is thinking about 'ending our current relationship'.

Which, logically, isn't all that bad of an idea for the time being..


I feel dead inside. Like.. I didn't react to the news at all. No happiness, sadness, nothing.

He's still my best friend though.

He told me to wait until he comes back and we can talk.

But no part of me has any optimism.

I know what's going to happen.

Oh well.

:: Sarcasim ::

Sammi has super sarcasim!! (is that alliteration, lol!! c.w. sucks!!) I joined because I like to laugh and I'm still dealing with my loss after 1 year and 3 months!! :-(

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Hey everybody. I decided to make this community because I know everyone is a victim. Well, everyone that matters... >_> I was a victim, a lot of close friends of mine were....and we're all pretty tired of it. We may be in different phases (pissed off, moping, regreting, moving on) but we all need the same support. Here it is, the Case Of The Ex Clinic.

Feel free to :
-tell us what's wrong
-slam on a bunch of keys
-enter a random obscene entry
-make new friends
-bitch/whine/complain/move on

Sami (Mistress Mod)
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